Who We Are

Our Culture is What Connects

Our Origin

Clay Tippins founded The Virtus Solution in January 2019.

His belief is that there are a select set of clients that actually expect Stewardship, Quality, Value/Outcomes with a True Spirit of Service from their IT/Consulting providers and will reward those principles with honorable partnership, business growth and continued entrustment with important problems and opportunities.

Virtus Values

VIRTUS is more than a company name, it’s the Core Values that each Virtus team member lives by and uses to select team members and clients.

VIRTUS is Greek/Latin for “Courage," and each letter of VIRTUS represents a Greek/Latin core value.

Virtus seeks to do business with companies that value these things, and only seeks payment for work conducted in accordance with these values.

Our Team

Our leadership team and consultants grew up in premier Tier 1 consulting, telecom and high-tech environments. The partners have actual real-life experience in industry, meeting P&L’s, delivering outcomes and living with the consequences of decisions. We have a radical passion to be nimble and effective, driving change to the inefficiencies we experienced in this environment.

These industries that are at the base of our expertise are on the frontier of how customers and real people are changing how we live and work together. Whether it's creating a new business model that allows consumers to have more flexibility in products that enable our digital life, or building the technology that makes this reality seamless, Virtus seeks to take on disruptor projects typified by uncertainty, urgency and rapid change.

Often this change needs to be an integrated strategy across the complexity of enterprise systems addressing:
  • Customer (what I need to know and manage about my customer and their experience),
  • Commerce (how I need to create awareness and fulfill demand flexible across all channels) and,
  • Chain (how do I orchestrate and operationalize new services for complex business operations)

Leadership Profiles

Clay Tippins

Virtus Founder and CEO

Clay is a mission driven leader with an uncanny ability to solve business problems with elegant efficiency.  As a collegiate level swimmer graduating from Stanford, Clay became a Navy Seal.  He then brought this focus to Silicon Valley before ultimately returning to Atlanta, where he ran the Telecommunications, Media and Technology Division for one of the world’s largest consultancies.  He now brings his passion and creativity to Virtus, where he is assembling the greatest customers and clients, he has worked with over his career.

Scott Read

Chief Financial Officer

Joining Virtus in 2019, Scott Read brings over 25 years of leadership that span industries from telecommunication and mobility to government service and non-profits with work for both SMB and Fortune 100 companies.  A U.S. Army veteran, Scott holds a MBA from Kennesaw State University and BSEE from the University of South Florida.  Trained to be a critical thinker, Scott, brings rigorous fiscal discipline with a holistic business view and a proven strategic, operational, and financial business acumen. He translates business needs into a data supported strategy to support engineering, corporate finance, customer service and marketing.  Along with his work experience with AT&T, he was worked as Senior Director of Program and Brand Management for the Knights of Columbus (an international non-profit dedicated to community service) and has served his local community as an elected City Councilman.

Chris Landry


Chris has spent his career establishing and living in the trenches, through some of Hi-Tech, Telecommunications, and the Public Sector’s most complex programs, around the world. He brings a diverse perspective that seeks to integrate an understanding of technology and numerous technical domains to drive business outcomes for his clients. At Virtus, Chris leads the firm’s  strategy capabilities while being hands on with our clients’ most complex technology transformation challenges.  

James Craig


James has more than 20 years of experience in the Telecom, Cable, and High Tech industries leading and delivering large transformational programs for companies like Sprint, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Rogers, SaskTel, IDEMIA, and more.  As a seasoned Delivery and Account Executive, he has built and managed global delivery teams of more than 500 resources around the globe.  His expertise includes building and running high-performing IT PMOs; the implementation and integration of new revenue-enabling BSS, OSS, and CRM platforms; platform modernization and cloud migration; the launch of new wireless and cable products and services; full lifecycle application management / release management; and multi-phased testing, end-user training, and organizational change management. James leverages strong business acumen combined with diverse technology experience to forge synergy between business and IT organizations and drive successful programs and portfolios for clients.

Sam Anderson


With experience spanning over 25 years, Sam excels in guiding clients through customer-centric strategies, operational enhancements, digital transformation, and automation. He has played a pivotal role in steering numerous global business transformations for Fortune 100 companies. Sam’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of South Carolina.


At Virtus, Sam takes on a leadership role, directing initiatives aimed at assisting clients in enhancing their businesses through improvements in processes, automation, and the careful selection and implementation of enterprise software.

Amy Holtermann

Supply Chain Client Delivery

Amy has been collaborating with her clients to solve Supply Chain problems for nearly 20 years.  She is a supply chain expert and effectively leverages her broad experience to attack issues for her clients.  Amy provides the analytical structure needed to diagnose root issues, develops a plan of action and drives implementation with the client team.  In addition to client services, Amy enjoys training our consultants and helping them build the skills they need to be successful. 

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