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Since 2019, Virtus has actively engaged with the Public Sector, establishing a robust presence across various state domains. Our collaboration has extended to over 12 states, fostering a network with state Chief Information Officers (CIOs). Particularly impactful has been our involvement in Health and Human Services, where we’ve gained profound expertise and unique insights into areas such as Integrated Eligibility and Enrollments, Medicare, Child Welfare, Child Support, and Aging Services.

Notably, Virtus is at the forefront of innovation, incorporating cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to combat child exploitation and trafficking. This endeavor showcases our commitment to leveraging technology for social good. Bolstered by our success and a distinctive delivery culture, we are actively expanding our footprint, venturing into new states and domains. At Virtus, we remain dedicated to making a positive impact on public services through our dynamic and forward-thinking approach.

Virtus Key Offerings and Expertise
Human and Health Services Technology PlanningCommunity Portals
CCWIS ModernizationCloud Migration
Child Exploitation Prevention using AI/MLStrategic Program Management
Transformation Strategy and PlanningIntegration, API and MicroService Strategy and Implementation
Human Service Salesforce Based SolutionsIT4IT Implementation, Integration and Visualization
Test Automation and Transformation

Areas of Capability

We combine our industry and domain focus with three primary areas of capabilities:

Program Integration & Risk Management

Traditional approaches to managing complex programs often revere process over outcomes. We bring players that focus on execution and moving the program forward not “traffic-light” dashboards, simply reporting the news we often already know. We believe experience in the industry and our focus domains (Customer, Commerce, Chain) is critical to enabling this environment because we are able to understand what’s truly critical to the business outcome. We are adapted for today digital delivery environment and believe in integrating delivery data to create an environment of radical transparency and thus trust. We engage flexibly, either bringing the full team, augmenting your leadership, or helping get more out of your existing partners. Our goal is to provide our customers with an operating model that will sustain and adapt over time.
Virtus Key Offerings and Expertise
  • Program Setup and Recovery
  • Leadership Augmentation
  • Scrum Master/Agile Coaching
  • Program Tools Integration and Visualization (Delivery 360 Hub™)
  • Business Case Modeling
  • Strategy Roadmaps

AI Empowered With Data & Analytics

At the core of understanding the needs and nature of your customers, is an understanding of their data and how it relates to your business. This must be structured in a way that the broader needs of a cross-functional organization can be served simply and efficiently. Once you have control of that data it means nothing if you are not able to act on it in real time to augment experience of users across the eco system. To that end we need to think beyond automating the creation of your data analytics, we believe in linking process automation and autonomous processes. Our approach is practical, focused on time to value and using the most effective technology for the business and operational context.
Virtus Key Offerings and Expertise
  • AI Maturity and Road-Mapping
  • Data Architecture
  • Integration and Visualization
  • Process Automation

Software Development

Software is at the center of our world and lives more than ever before. Those that build for flexibility and at speed, win. Our development pods are multi-skilled to a fundamentally higher level of output. We focus on rapid solution development on the latest digital platforms across UI/UX, custom apps, and API & MicroServices platforms. At the core is solving our customers core problems as efficiently as possible. We are hungry to solve one problem to build trust and get bigger and more challenging problems. We do not believe in the effectiveness monolith solutions but know how to leverage existing implementation for rapid value.
Languages and Capabilities
  • Digital Strategy
  • Full Stack
  • UI/UX
  • Custom App
  • API and Microservice Platforms (Mulesoft, Apigee, and Open Source)
  • Salesforce
  • Commerce Platforms
Key Assets and Accelerators
  • DevOps Pipeline
  • API and MS Reference LIbrary
  • Rapid Development Frameworks
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