Providing Critical Services to Families and Children More Effectively Through Automation

A state government client relied on a dated CCWIS (Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System) to generate service authorizations crucial for delivering essential services to families and children in care. The process of handling service authorizations was manual, labor-intensive, and heavily dependent on email and phone communications.

Virtus Public Services was chosen to oversee the implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud front end, the modification of the existing CCWIS system, and the development of an integration architecture. This architecture comprised seven custom and reusable Spring Boot services equipped with robust error handling and monitoring capabilities.

Virtus successfully managed the deployment of the solution for 3000 state users and over 100 Delivered Service Providers. As a result, the state experienced significant time savings, and families and children received more accurate and timely services. This transformation streamlined the service authorization process and enhanced overall efficiency.

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