Providing a Mobility Solution for Case Workers to Improve Care to Children and Families

A state client sought enhancements in processes and technology supporting their Case Workers conducting home visits. Virtus Public Services was chosen to strategize and execute a Case Management mobility product to elevate the productivity of Case Workers in the field.

Virtus assumed responsibility for planning, designing integration architecture, developing all services, updating the legacy system, and overseeing the end-to-end implementation. This comprehensive approach included the establishment of a detailed governance model and an organizational change management plan, ensuring continual product evolution and consistent user adoption.

Demonstrating efficient coordination with both vendor and internal development teams, the Virtus team successfully implemented a pilot version of the solution in less than 60 days from discovery to go-live. Following the pilot’s success, Virtus managed the complete rollout to approximately 2000 users, leading to an estimated 43,000 hours of time savings on routine administrative tasks for the Case Workers.

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